AS/A Level Terms and Conditions 2024/25



(1) The annual AS/A Level fees at Aljezur International School for the academic year 2024/25 are as follows:

AnnualStart of term 1End of terms 1 & 2
Fee per subject
(if 2 or more students in group)
€2850 per annum€950€950
Fee per subject
(if 1 student in group)
€3750 per annum€1250€1250
Coach (optional)€1300 per annum

. Fees are payable in one of the following ways:
• Annually. In advance.
• Per term, in 3 equal payments. In advance, with the first payment due before the beginning of the academic year, and two further payments, each due before the last day of the previous term.

(2) All payment methods. By accepting a place for your child at Aljezur International School, you must agree to one of these payment options. If fees are not paid according to the terms above, we reserve the right to exclude your child from school until outstanding amounts are received by us in full.


(1) A deposit is payable on enrolment for those entering the school on acceptance of a place.

Amount (once only)Conditions
Total€2600As detailed in AS/A Level Terms and Conditions

(2) A proportion will be refunded when your child leaves the school, provided the child completes at least one term at Aljezur International School, and provided that one full term’s notice has been given in writing. If your child is leaving after the Christmas holiday, we require written notice before the beginning of the Autumn term; if your child is leaving after the Easter holiday, we require written notice before the end of the Autumn term; if your child is leaving after the summer holiday, we require written notice before the end of the Easter term.
(3) The returnable amount is repaid without interest and less any monies which may be outstanding at the time (e.g. books which have not been returned at the time of preparing the final account, lunch or clubs money, etc.).
(4) Note that a place cannot be reserved until we receive the deposit in full along with the completed enrolment form and signed Terms & Conditions, and that the deposit will not be refunded if your child does not take up their place at Aljezur International School unless one full term’s notice has been given (see above).
(5) The deposit may not be used in lieu of payment for any school fees at any time and can only be returned after fees have been paid in full.
(6) We retain the the remaining portion as a one-off enrolment fee, and this is non-refundable at any time.


(1) The cost of the coach service from the Figueira (Portimão) and Lagos area is €1300 per student for the academic year 2023/24, payable in full in advance in September 2023 or at the time the student is enrolled during the academic year. This payment is non-refundable.
(2) For students who are not at school full-time, transport may also be paid at a cost of €4 for each one-way journey and €8 for each return journey. This must be paid at the end of each month.


(1) Termination by parent: A full term’s notice must be given in writing if you wish to withdraw your child from Aljezur International School.
(2) Termination by the school: Whilst endeavoring to provide an inclusive, tolerant and supportive educational environment, Aljezur International School reserves the right to determine whether the teaching methods and style of education we offer will benefit, or is benefiting and suitable for each individual. The school would not terminate the contract without good cause and full consultation with parents and the student (where appropriate).


(1) It is the responsibility of each AS/A level student to inform their tutors directly by phone/text before 9am on the days when they are not able to attend lessons. Students must obtain their tutors’ contact details as soon as they commence lessons with each tutor.

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