Aljezur International School
Algarve, Portugal
Education With Inspiration

Curriculum overview


Aljezur International School follows the UK national curriculum adapted to the life and culture our students experience here in Portugal.  Among our 80 students we have 26 nationalities represented which brings an exciting diversity of experience and opinion into our classrooms.   We include resources, projects and themes from organisations such as UNESCO, Oxfam, Amnesty International and National Geographic when they are relevant to the learning programme at the time.  We are dedicated to expanding our students’ awareness and knowledge through workshops, themed projects and guest teachers.  Students are encouraged to learn through research and discussion, and to take pride in their work, achievements and contributions to class.

During the first three years that students spend with us, years 7, 8 and 9, the focus is on experience through the senses, learning how to learn and enjoying themselves while bonding with tutors.  Around the age of 14, students begin a 2-year course in their chosen subjects, which leads to the Cambridge IGCSE examinations.  With our “stage not age” philosophy, we frequently have students who enter IGCSE exams earlier than that and are able to move up to AS level the following year while studying for the rest of their IGCSEs.

While our core group of students study with us until the IGCSE level, we also provide tutorial support in small groups, or even one-to-one, for students studying for AS and A Level qualifications.

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