Aljezur International School
Algarve, Portugal
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Fees and admissions


There is a sliding scale for fees, which include full insurance for each student while they are under the supervision of Aljezur International tutors.  Fees can be paid in one of three ways:

  • annually, in advance
  • per term, in advance
  • in 10 equal monthly instalments (except for AS/A levels)

There is also an initial enrolment fee of €1500.  This covers administration costs and acts as a deposit.  €1200 will be returned when the student completes their education with us or if a term’s notice is given before withdrawal of a student from the school.

A private coach service is also available which collects students in Alvor, Lagos and Bensafrim.  The cost of this service for 2020/21 is €1100 per year, payable in advance.

Fees for years 7-11

 AnnualTerm10 instalments
Enrolment €1500 once only (€1200 is refundable - see Terms & Conditions)
Fees years 7-9€6300 per annum€2100 per term€630 per month
Fees years 10-11€6600 per annum€2200 per term€660 per month
Coach (optional)€1100 per annum

Fees for AS/A level

 AnnualStart of term 1End of terms 1 & 2
Enrolment €1500 once only(€1200 is refundable - see AS/A Terms & Conditions)
Fee per subject
(if 2 or more students in group)
€2000 per annum€700€650
Fee per subject
(if 1 student in group)
€3000 per annum€1000€1000
Coach (optional)€1100 per annum

For most subjects we recommend certain books which can either be ordered by parents or bought through the school.  The average cost of these books is €100 in total and, if bought through the school, we will reimburse the money when the student has finished with the book, dependent obviously on its condition.

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