Aljezur International School
Algarve, Portugal
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Abbie Stirrup

Art & Design Teacher

I am a British-born fashion designer. I was born and raised in Manchester, U.K. and graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Bachelor’s degree) and the Royal College of Art London (Masters’s degree).

I have a cross-disciplinary approach to design; incorporating print, colour and material, human kinesiology, performance art and fashion. I have a vast imagination and I’m actively working on rethinking the future of fashion.

I’ve worked all over the world including the U.S., Japan, Germany and Holland. Notably, over a 3 year period, I worked for Adidas as a future concepts designer.

After moving to Portugal in 2020, I founded STIR STUDIO, a custom design and consultancy service, working with private and international clients along with small boutiques in Belgium and Holland. I have a young spirit which gels naturally with the younger generation. For the last 7 years, I have taught in universities around the world such as the Royal College of Art and mentoring students in Hong Kong transitioning to prestigious design-related universities.

I believe it is my responsibility to encourage students to think freely, experimentally and boldly, in contrast to a world that is constantly implementing structures and restrictions. I encourage students to uncover and incorporate their personal life experiences, including the highs and lows as a starting point for the design process. My teaching style includes physical activities, role-playing, adventurous outings, experimental fun and vibrant use of colour.

I love to explore with students how to use Art and Design to break barriers, build new ideas, and create exciting collaborations to influence cultural shifts and a vibrant harmonious planet for future generations.

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